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Hire Paparazzi Photographers

We will make your guests feel like stars at your special themed event. We can give you the full red carpet treatment, and you can choose exactly which style of fake paps you would like. Pick between retro press outfits with trilby, mac and braces,  smart suits for a more glamorous look, or the authentic modern press pap with leather jackets. See our different looks in the photos above. We can even don American accents if required! Our event Paparazzi photographers will make your next business event exciting and glamorous, with amazing photography and a one of a kind experience. 

Watch out for your best moments! All the pictures will be available (within 48 hrs)

on your private website.

Dots-Silver-04 copy.png

Paparazzi Styles:

Choose a look for your hired paparazzi form the following styles (or choose your own!):

Classic | Retro

Trench coat, braces, trilby and 'Press' tags.

Modern | Hipster

Leather jackets, jeans, trainers.


Sharp suits, ties and hats.

We provide stylish entertainment with great photos too, just read our testimonials and you'll see why Entertainment Paparazzi are the UK's leading paparazzi photography company. Our clients love us and you will too!


Instant Prints

Often when we photograph events we get asked to produce prints on the night. This is normally prohibitively expensive, so we've come up with an innovative solution! Alongside our paparazzi cameras we now have Fuji Polaroid style cameras so can provide your guest with a real print on the night - a great keepsake for every event

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